WaveCrash!! Thanksgiving Update! v.6!

Hey, everybody! Who's ready for an updated build that I'm kicking out now so that I can enjoy my Thanksgiving holiday (relatively) stress-free? I hope it's you, because here it is!  If ya'll want to keep up with WaveCrash!! or just hangout and chat, we now have a Discord going at discord.gg/VzdrtMU. Anyway, this is a pretty big update so buckle up for some patch notes!


  • Doubles Mode - The biggest new feature for this update is the new 2 v 2 Doubles mode. One player on each team swaps, the other attacks. Scoring a hit causes the roles to switch. It also features a game board that is 12 x 7, one row taller than the standard 12 x 6 board. I had wanted to have a mode that allowed a greater number of players and this was the best way I've found to extend the current game rules in a way that is fun and consistent. Splitting the roles means that cooperation and communication is a must. It can get really intense when evenly matched teams face off! 
  • Paw Plaza Wavy Mode - Paw Plaza now has unique Wavy Mode rules, like the 3 previous stages. In Wavy Mode, new orange paw blocks are spawned randomly on the board. Running over a paw block sends a super wave automatically, either a cat or a dog depending on your side. I had wanted to experiment with new "powerup" block types and blocks that would automatically activate an effect and this ended up feeling pretty fun.
  • New Palettes - Every character now has 3 palettes (a default and 2 alternates). If you have any palette suggestions, let me know!

Visual Updates

  • Made the hit sweep feedback effect more visible.
  • Added an afterimage effect when in Hype Mode. Felt like it could use more hype and I think this does the trick 

Sound Updates

  • Added new sound effects for KO, sudden death, and various other events.
  • Re-balanced the volume of some sound effects (Belmont's special should no longer destroy ear drums)

Balance Adjustments

  • Increased Sensei Jones's movement speed to 95% of the base movement speed from 90%. I still think a speed hit is necessary to keep his power level in check, but I overdid it at first.
  • Belmont's special attack now creates a Skull block before firing. This is technically related to the bug fix outlined below, but it also serves as a very minor buff.

Other Adjustments

  • Changed description of Belmont's trait and special attack to refer to them as Skull blocks rather than Blight blocks and made special description more accurate. I was already calling them skulls most of the time, figured it would be better to be consistent.
  • You can now queue up movement input after attacking the same way you can queue an attack input after moving. In other words, if you press attack and then a direction during the attack animation, you will do the attack and then move in the specified direction once the attack completes.
  • Changed the name of "Survival" mode to "Endless". Too many players were confused by the lack of gathering wood and crafting tools so I figured I would more accurately reflect the contents of the mode with a new name.

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted shader for blocks to prevent edges drawing over board background
  • Fixed Belmont's special attack not animating skull blocks like it used to


  • Temporarily disabled controller mapping until I can fix some bugs and rework the UI for it. I will try to get a quick update out after the holiday that should re-enable it.


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Sep 11, 2018
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Sep 11, 2018

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