WaveCrash!! 1.3.3: Wally's Remix

Hey everybody! I know, it's crazy that I'm doing another dev log without going on hiatus for a year first but it's happening and you're reading it!

I got some feedback from some high level players regarding Wally's balance and buggyness so I have a little update here to address that! That's enough of an intro so here's the info:

Wally's New Special Attack!

The previous implementation of Wally's Reflect attack was less useful and more confusing than I had intended. The point of it was to be like a counter attack that would reward a player for observing their opponent's actions and responding accordingly but it never really worked out that way. That's why I gave him a completely new attack that even introduces a new wave type: the purple reflection wave!

The new Reflect sends only a single wave, but that one wave will reverse the entire wave group that it collides with, even super waves! Oh, and if two reflection waves crash they just instantly cancel each other out so no worries about triggering an infinitely recursively reflection and collapsing the universe or whatever.

Wally's Trait Nerf!

I also received some feedback that Wally's Slow-Mo trait was too powerful, being able to end a round with a single use of hype mode. I tested out ending his hype mode after landing a single hit but that was too jarring and felt unfair to Wally but I think I landed on a pretty good compromise. Wally's hype meter will decay faster with every attack he makes and every hit he lands (attacks increase the tick down speed by 25% and hits increase it by 50%). So the more aggressively a Wally player is during their hype mode, the less slow-mo time they will get.

Wally's Bug Fix!

Wally had a little severe bug that could cause the game to be stuck in slow-mo. Woops. That should be good now.

Additional Bug Fix!

An eagle-eyed player also noticed that the game was completely busted when you set the board height to max. This is also fixed now!


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Apr 20, 2023
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