WaveCrash!! 1.2: The Power of Friendship

...and by "friendship" I mean "feedback"!

Hey, everybody. It's been a bit since the last update but thanks to some detailed feedback from a dedicated group of players on our discord server, I'm here with a fresh patch straight out of the oven! If you want to join in on the discussion, you can hop in at https://discord.gg/flyovergames. And now! Patch notes gooooooo!

Character Changes

Phoebe - Phoebe has been an interesting character to balance. Since part of her core identity is lacking hype mode, it's always been difficult to find a suitable way to make her seem appealing and unique. I tried adding the ability to charge up her attacks to increase her wave speed, but it turned out to not be a big enough benefit and also wasn't particularly fun. So here's another twist on her trait, Nega-Hype Drive:

That's right! She can still charge up her attacks, but now rather than affecting the wave speed, it allows her to gravitate blocks to herself! Phoebe was always meant to be a crasher that's all about standing her ground with the use of her shield special attack, so now she has a way to really make that payoff.

Hawk JusticeI like what Hawk Justice does (jumping over waves, getting in the opponent's face, etc.) but he wasn't quite good enough at it, so I've made a few adjustments. First up! His trait, Close Quarters, now confers invincibility for a brief duration when attacking on the line.

As long he's blinking, he's safe! The dropkick animation has also been speed up a little. The purpose of the trait was always to encourage very aggressive play, and now it should be a little safer to actually use. 

Second! I've added some functionality to his special attack.

You can now hold the attack button to extend his air time! I wanted to make the ability more useful as a tricky counter tool and less obviously telegraphed.

Darlene - Added an indicator effect to show when she has reached enough charge for a regular attack. Tried out a meter that filled up over time at first, but it was too visually busy and the meter fills in less than a second at higher speed levels anyway so I went with a more emote like route.

Also slightly reduced the time for a medium strength charge to 45% from 50%. Enjoy!

Other Things

  • Added an infinite round time option to the game options. Just keep on going past 300 seconds and you can't miss it!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various problems with Hawk Justice's special attack persisting after round end and doing various other things it wasn't supposed to.


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Oct 22, 2021
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Oct 22, 2021

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