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Head-to-head puzzle brawling action! Match blocks to send waves at your opponent! Dodge their waves or crash them head-on to survive. Unleash unique super attacks and explosive Hype Mode to tip the scales. It's a back-and-forth struggle for arcade puzzling dominance!

The demo contains two characters: the magical martial-artist in training Yo and the aloof psychic detective Seth! Let loose chi blasts and psychic barriers in a battle to the death! Or at least until one fighter falls over and doesn't feel like getting up again!

The current in progress version includes Hana, the schoolgirl with feet of fury, Phoebe, the indestructible android, Sensei Jones, and Momoko, the part-time ninja, and Belmont, the tycoon inferno!

Update Notes

vDemo.01 (9/7/2015) - Fixed a few game stopping bugs and added some visual flare items.

vDemo.02 (10/29/2015) - Lots of stuff!

  • Gave the UI a face lift.
  • Added an options menu.
  • New visual effects!
  • Improved controls and added a time limit/sudden death.
  • Added a tease for a mysterious new character that is coming soon!

vInProgress.02 (11/02/2015) - A new crasher appears: Hana!

vInProgress.03 (1/18/2016) - Added single player Practice mode!

  • Practice mode is pretty rough right now. The AI does not know how to use Hype Mode or play defense (and occasionally stops acting entirely), but it plays fast enough to be a challenge. Enjoy!
  • Balance adjustments!
    • Players gain more Hype when losing (25% more when after losing 1 row, 50% more after losing 2)
    • Hana's blocks now fall 50% slower than normal instead of 25%.
  • Bug fixes!

vInProgress.04 (2/15/2016) - A new crasher appears: Phoebe, the Android!

  • Also added some new visual effects (hit feedback, activating hype mode, and highlight super block groups.

vInProgress.06 (6/9/2016) - A new crasher appears: Sensei Jones!

  • Also fixed a bug that could cause character animations to freeze.

vInProgress.07 (9/22/2016) - A new crasher appears: Momoko, the Part-Time Ninja

  • Added an attract loop on main menu
  • Balance changes:
    • Increased Hana's attack exit time
    • Decreased Phoebe's startup attack time
    • Decreased Seth's super attack startup time

Later update notes are in the dev log!

Published Aug 09, 2015
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorFlyover Games
Made withUnity
TagsAnime, brawler, Local multiplayer, match-3, Pixel Art, puzzle-fighter
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Joystick
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


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WaveCrash!! Demo 44 MB
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Development log


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I am a Korean who visited bic pestival. I was really glad you came here,  And  i played really fun with my friends then.  So, on that day there was a Korean version interface, do you support Korean in demo version now? I would like to recommend it to other Korean players. 

Hey there, I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Right now, the Korean version is not publicly available. I'm planning on doing an update soon so I should be able to put the Korean language version up as a separate download then. It isn't completely translated, however, it only includes the parts that were translated for the event demo.

Played this at GDEX last weekend. It was great, can't wait to see where it goes!

Hey I'm glad you liked it! We're looking forward to seeing the future of WaveCrash!! as well!

Is there no windows version when the 5 dollars are paid?

Sorry about that, the most recent build was accidentally hidden, it should be good now.

Yayy! Thank you! Can't wait to play it!

My favorite game at GDEX 2017, really wish there was a Linux port seeing as how this is made in Unity.

Does it work in Wine in Linux?

I'm not sure. WaveCrash!! is developed in Unity and has not been tested on Wine so it should work as well as any other Unity3D game. Can you play other Unity games in Wine?

If you could could you get this ported to linux?

There are no plans for a Linux port right now, but I would not rule it out for the future. I will let you know if we go ahead with it.

Thank you anyways!