WaveCrash!! 1.0 Has Landed!!

Hey everybody! Today is the day that has long been foretold! WaveCrash!! 1.0 has landed! This project has been with me for so long and I feel immensely hyped to see it finally graduate out of it's "in progress" form. I'll save the waterworks for the eventual post-mortem and instead serve up some hot and juicy patch notes!

New Stuff

  • Unlockable Palettes - By playing the game, you will now gain XP which will allow you to level up and unlock new color palettes for the roster. XP can be gained from every game mode (except the tutorial) and the max level is 30. The unlockable palettes continue the tradition of being shoutouts to cartoons, games, and anime that I enjoy, which means they are mostly 10+ years old and won't be relevant to the games target demographic. Fun!


  • Updated the layout of the character select screen. This wasn't exactly necessary, I just wanted to make the character colors as scrambled as possible and felt like the layout of Hana, Yo, Seth, and Belmont should match cover art.
  • Endless Mode - barriers now form as normal on the endless mode. Some characters, like Sensei Jones, rely on barriers to be effective and it felt like the mode didn't offer as much to them s o I threw them in and it turns out they felt pretty good. I also adjusted the speed of the mode to start off a little lower so it's a gentler curve when starting out.
  • Swapped out the "Want More?" button on the main screen with an "Extras" button that includes a link to our Discord.


  • AI Darlene can now charge up her attacks!
  • Game will now pause if a controller is unplugged while playing

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed being unable to pause the game during the initial countdown 


WaveCrash!! 61 MB
May 18, 2021
WaveCrash!! (Mac) 60 MB
May 18, 2021

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