WaveCrash!! v.5 Pre-Busan Edition!

Hey everybody! Just wanted to drop a build before I take off tomorrow to go to the Busan Indie Connect Festival in Busan, South Korea! Also, WaveCrash!! was selected to be demoed at the Busan Indie Connect Festival! Don't think I ever mentioned that here. Anyway, I've been cranking away on WaveCrash!! and here's whats new:


  • New Stage: Paw Plaza - This expansive park on the edge of Crash City is fun for all our four-legged family members. This stage also features a "dueling soundtrack". In other words, there are two variations of it's theme. Whichever player is winning gets to hear the track for their side of the stage. It also includes the first animated elements in a stage. I'm still testing some ideas for the Wavy Mode form of the stage, so expect that in a future update. Here's a video of the stage in action: 
    And an unobstructed view of it here:

Visual Updates

  • Added a new block spawning effect
  • Added a new barrier lockdown effect when a player has had a row of their board totally coverered in barriers
  • Both of these effects can be seen here:

Bug Fixes

  • Parry and wind sound effects volume are now properly affected by the SFX volume slider
  • Can no longer assign player 2's controller when playing vs AI
  • Backing out of the AI difficulty selection no longer prevents continuing to the stage select screen
  • Wind effect now stops updating on round end


WaveCrash!! In Progress 78 MB
Sep 11, 2018
WaveCrash!! In Progress (Mac) 79 MB
Sep 11, 2018

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