WaveCrash!! Update .43!!

Hey everybody! First off, my customary apology for the delay since the last update. And, for a change of pace, a promise that I will update more regularly from here on out! To be honest, most of the content for this update was ready a few weeks ago but I was reluctant to post anything until after I had the opportunity to give it another round of testing, which it got just last week at JAFAX (the Japanese Animation, Film and Art eXpo) in Grand Rapids, MI!  Anyway, onto the patch notes!


  • Wavy Mode - Every stage now comes with an alternate "Wavy Mode" that can be toggled on in the stage select. Wavy Mode stages come with alternate game rules to put a new spin on how you crash!
    • Training Room - Sparring Cadence: the game's speed level increases as players attack, but gets reduced by one level whenever a hit is scored. Serves as a good option for players that want to test their limits of WaveCrash!!-ing intensity!
    • Crash City - City Madness: all of the blocks on the board (except for blight blocks or other future special blocks) are randomized whenever a hit is scored. Who is best at adapting to the constantly changing city landscape?
    • Forest Clearing- Winds of Change: Blowing winds favor one side or the other, increasing the wave speed of one player while slowing the waves of their opponent. Take advantage of the wind at your back to lay on the offensive pressure! Also comes with a neat visual effect:
  • Custom Controller Mappings (Testing) - You can change the buttons mapped to attack, swap, hype, and cancel swap by pressing the palette swap button (default is I on the keyboard or Y on an Xbox 360/Xbox One controller) after selecting your character. This feature is still experimental and might need some more testing, so use at your own risk! The custom controls aren't saved right now so if something does get unplayably broken, restarting the game should reset them back to their defaults.

Balance Adjustments

  • Hana - Once again, I've reduced Hana's attack animation length, this time reducing both the startup and ending delay by 2 frames. Her attack animation is now mostly on par with the rest of the cast. The reasoning behind this is that I've had more testing done by players of a higher skill level and found that in their hands, Hana is actually pretty bad compared to the rest of the cast. Her advantage of being able to spam attacks isn't quite as powerful when facing a player that can take the heat. Plus I found that a lot of new players just weren't having fun with how sluggish her attack speed was. If history is any indication, I'll end up adjusting her again, but for now she feels pretty good.
  • Sensei Jones - Movement speed is being reduced to 90% of the base speed for other characters. That's right, for what I believe to be the first time, Sensei Jones is getting nerfed! Sad, I know, but I feel like it's something that needs to be done. He is a character that had a definite advantage with no real downside and in the hands of a skilled player, he was pretty dominant over the rest of the cast. I didn't want to affect his increased barrier height trait, but I wanted to saddle him with a weakness that wouldn't impact his goal of locking down his opponent's board but would make him easier to deal with. So I hit his movement speed, he can still launch attacks from one position to limit his opponent's options but isn't as good at dodging attacks himself. I may have overdone it right now, but I'll revisit it after more testing.

Visual Updates

  • Added a rad new parry wave destruction effect to make it more obvious. Parrying an opponent's special attack and countering them is one of the hypest moments in WaveCrash!! but it was hard to tell when exactly it was happening. Hope this helps!
  • Adjusted the duration of normal wave destruction effects to match the new parry effect.

Audio Updates

  • Added sound effect for selecting block and for canceling swap
  • Added sound effect for parrying

Bug Fixes

  • Hana's special attack no longer continues firing waves after being interrupted
  • Level no longer repeatedly reloads if rematch button is spammed
  • Can no longer open options menu in Survival mode

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