WaveCrash!! Update .42

Hey everybody! Now that I've fully recovered from our time at PAX East, I'm back with an update to WaveCrash!!! This updated includes mostly some behind the scenes work as well as some preparation for some upcoming features and some balance adjustments. So...it's not the most exciting update but it is laying the foundation for some cool stuff to come!


  • Alternate Palettes - Characters can now play dressup! Just press the hype button when selecting a character to cycle through palettes. Right now the selection is limited, but expect more to be added in soon. If you have a suggestion for a palette reference, let us know!

Balance Adjustments

  • Seth - Reduced Seth's wave movement speed to 3.6 from 4.0 and special attack wave speed to 2.7 from 3. Seth had previously been buffed after under-performing during public demos but now that I'm finding players of higher skill levels, his trait was causing him to be a little too oppressive on offense. I may need to revisit him again later, but I think this will help.
  • Hana - Reduced the after delay of Hana's attack animation by 2 frames. This is the opposite story of Seth. I have nerfed Hana several times after she stomps noobs during their first few matches and I think I've overdone it. This still leaves her with the slowest attack animation in the game, but it's not quite so bad now.
  • Second Wind - Reduced Second Wind minimum time to 3 seconds from 5 seconds and maximum duration to 10 seconds from 15 seconds. Second wind was proving too powerful, so I've reduced its duration. It still scales based on how long you've been in the danger zone (topping out after 15 seconds) but this reduces it's potential for too big of turnarounds.

Audio Updates

  • SFX - New SFX for attack interrupts and entering second wind
  • Music - Louder mix for the Crash City theme so it's more on par with the other stage music.

Under the Hood Adjustments

  • New Input System - I've switched the input to use the popular Rewired input package. This shouldn't cause any noticeable difference to the controls of the game but it will make it easier for me to implement the upcoming controller customization options.
  • Better Save System - I've figured out how to properly utilize the save system we are using so it will be organized more efficiently. Again, not something you should notice but it will allow me to track more stats within the game save.
  • Reworked Animation System - I've revamped the way we manage character animations to clear up the animation lockup bugs that have been a recurring issue. They should be banished once and for all! (but let me know if they're not...)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed round start sound effect playing twice when starting survival mode.
  • Fixed stats being recorded twice when a round ends on a time up.
  • Fixed endless scrolling through the main menu if joystick isn't centered properly.


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Apr 18, 2018
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Apr 14, 2018

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