Incremental Update (Already?!) .33!!

Hey everybody, here's another incremental update to the game! I know, right? Two in one month? What's going on here? Motivation, that's what! Anyway, enough rhetorical questions, here's a changelog:


  • Handicap Setting: In order to help balance the scales between players of different skills levels, I've added a handicap setting. Open the rules menu in the character select screen in versus mode to access it. Each player can have a handicap of 0 - 3, which gives them that many handicap shields. Whenever the dividing line would be pushed past a handicap shield, it breaks it instead giving the player with the handicap some extra hits before getting KO'd. See it in action here:
  • Character Info Menu: In the how to play section, there is now a third option: "Character Info". Check this out to get tips on playing as any of the WaveCrash!! roster as well as some fun background trivia about them. Aren't you dying to know Sensei Jones's favorite food?!

Balance Adjustments

  • Yo: Increased bonus hype gain from trait to 30% from 25%. The bonus hype gain wasn't quite pronounced enough. Plus the AI was a lot of work and I felt like doing some character balance fiddling as a little reward.

Visual Updates

  • Added a cascading wave firing animation effect. Still not totally sold on it, might adjust it to make it more obvious in the future.

Under The Hood Adjustments

  • New AI: I've updated the AI model! It won't necessarily be more difficult now, but it will be more consistent. It shouldn't run into that awkward bug where it just stops doing anything until you hit it. It is also structured more logically on the backend so it will be easier for me to revisit it in the future if I want to add more behaviors (which I do!)
    • Difficulty Settings: Practice mode now includes an easy, medium, and hard difficulty

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when trying to play hype ready effect on CPU character in Survival mode. (If you don't got a body, you don't get hype, them's the breaks.)


WaveCrash!! In Progress 32 MB
Nov 21, 2017
WaveCrash!! In Progress (Mac) 34 MB
Nov 21, 2017

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