Incremental Update .32!!

Hey everybody, I'm trying to make a habit of releasing regular stable updates, so here's .32 of WaveCrash!!! Also, I've finally gotten my Mac up and running again and made a long overdue update to the Mac versions to bring them in line with the Windows builds! I'll try not to let it fall so far behind again. Nothing else to really intro, so here's the changelog:

Visual Updates:

  • New "Hype Ready" Effect - There's been an ongoing problem with players not realizing that the hype meter is full, so I'm trying out some effects to make it more obvious. There will now be an animated highlight on the hype bar when it is full as well as a pulsing afterimage on your character when it is initially filled up. Check it out:

  • New "Attack Interrupt" Effect - I received some feedback that attacks were not firing correctly, and after looking into it I believe it was a case of players not noticing that an "Attack Interrupt was happening. Attack interrupts, or preventing an enemy attack by forming a barrier on blocks that the opponent is about to use in an attack, has been a mechanic in the game for quite a while, but most players might not have even noticed. To make it more obvious, I have added a unique visual effect for the event. Behold!

Under The Hood Adjustments

  • Made a full rework of block updating behavior to make it more efficient and bug-resistant. I tested this pretty darn thoroughly, but if anyone notices blocks acting funny, let me know!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs that allowed player to perform actions that were meant to be locked out during tutorial lessons.
  • Fixed bug that would cause cells to be empty or have too many blocks stacked in one column (related to the block rework mentioned above)


  • Finally updated the demo build! It now includes all of the stages, and teasers for the characters and solo Survival game mode. Does not include the option to change the game rules in versus mode.


WaveCrash!! In Progress 32 MB
Oct 28, 2017
WaveCrash!! In Progress (Mac) 34 MB
Oct 28, 2017
WaveCrash!! Demo 32 MB
Oct 28, 2017
WaveCrash!! Demo (Mac) 34 MB
Oct 28, 2017

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