Surprise Post-GDEX Update! v .31!

Hey, everyone! Just got back from GDEX a few hours ago and rather than preparing for a flight in the morning, I decided to whip up a new build of WaveCrash!! based on feedback and some bug fixes from the event! Here comes the changelog!


  • Seth 
    • Reduced speed of special attack (Mental Barrier) from 3.5 to 3. Reasoning: I liked the increased power that the larger special gives him, but it could be difficult to defend against. Slowing it down should help this.
  • Hana
    • Increased attack exit delay and reduced speed of special attack waves (10,000 Kicks) from 4 to 3.5. Reasoning: I went overboard when I sped up her attack animation, I'll admit it. It made her offense overwhelming. Slowed it down a bit so it's still a little faster than it was before v.30 but still the slowest in the roster. Reducing the speed of the special waves was just another way to keep her from being too dominant.
  • Momoko
    • Reduced animation length for special attack (Shadow Clone) and increased the speed of the special waves from the clone's attack from 5 to 6. Reasoning: Momoko's special attack was always really cool, but not as effective as I'd like. It's now easier to use with taking a wave to the face and the resulting attack is much more effective.
  • Camera Effects
    • Reduced the amount and duration of camera zoom when using special attacks and hype mode. Reasoning: turns out the effect that looks fine on the small screens I use for testing can be a little disorienting when viewed on the big screen. It should feel better now

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that could cause game to start in slow motion mode after interrupting the attract loop.
  • Fixed round ending in timeout while a character is in second wind mode resulting in player being invulnerable for the rest of the match.
  • Fixed Phoebe taking a hit with her Overclock() barrier up during sudden death resulting in the round ending.

Known Bugs:

  • When Belmont is in a play, sometimes grid cells may become empty of blocks (possibly related to Corruption converting blocks to skull blocks?)
  • Sometimes extra blocks can be produced (very rare, if anyone sees it, send me a screenshot!)
  • AI bots sometimes stop moving until hit.


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Oct 02, 2017

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