WaveCrash!! v.71: The Reworking of Ji-yoon (and Others)!

Hey, everybody! Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US and Happy WaveCrash!! Update Day to everyone in the US and elsewhere! There are some big content additions in the pipeline, but for now we just have some massive changes to existing characters! Patch notes: GO!

Character Adjustments:


  • Reworked Trait - Hana's trait, Footwork, used to allow her to attack using only 2 blocks in exchange for the downside of having a 50% block fall speed penalty. Her reworked trait gives her a much more severe block speed penalty that can ramp up to normal speed by staying in motion. The specific numbers, as illustrated in the gif below, start at 10% of normal speed and increases by 10% for every space that Hana runs across up to a maximum of 100%. The text is just for display purposes and won't be included in the actual game. 
    • Reasoning: Hana was intended to be a character that would focus on launching volleys of small attacks while moving around the board rather than focusing on swapping. In practice, high level play resulted in Hana focusing on locking down parts of her opponent's board before using her special to score hits. This change should encourage her to keep moving and slow down the tactic of focusing on specific rows of the board to trap the opponent.

  • Adjusted Special - The waves launched from Hana's special attack now start from the column she is standing on rather than the colum in front of her.
    • Reasoning: Hana's special is powerful and I wanted it stay powerful, but as part of an overall nerf this should provide opposing players more time to react to it while further reducing it's power as a defensive tool


  • New Trait - Ji-yoon's trait, Flashback, used to her to switch places with her swap cursor by canceling a swap. Her new trait, Intangible, allows her to teleport from one edge of the board and past barriers by walking through them.
    • Reasoning: Ji-yoon's old trait could occasionally be useful, but it required time to setup and disincentivized swapping since it would disable the teleport until a new swap cell was selected. The concept behind Ji-yoon was to create a character that cared about movement and approached motion on the board in a new way. This new trait is more useful, more flexible, and can very hype plays by dodging and counter-attacking.

Sensei Jones

  • Buffs! - Much more straightforward than the changes to Hana and Ji-yoon, Sensei Jones has received some buffs. His movement speed has been increased to 100% from 95% (meaning that once again every character moves at 100% besides Momoko who's trait gives her +20%). Also his special attack has one additional block that spawns on the cell he is standing on and has a few frames fewer of windup so it launches sooner.
    • Reasoning: I feel like Sensei Jones's mechanics suit his intended theme but player feedback was that he did not seem powerful enough. After additional testing, I agreed and reversed the downside he was original given to counteract his trait of increased barrier height and made his special attack better for good measure.

Endless Mode Adjustments:

I had received some feedback that the single player endless mode was way too difficult and so it's undergone some adjustments.

  • Reduced base stage wave speed to 2 from 3.5
  • Increased the delay between waves
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to start with a "frenzy wave", where the enemy waves temporarily launch more quickly

Core Adjustments:

  • Input queuing has been adjusted to allow for queuing up moving multiple blocks in the same direction by repeatedly tapping a direction

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would break block spawning when playing a board of the maximum size (14 x 8)


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