WaveCrash!! .3 Update!

Oh man, I know that the last update was the biggest WaveCrash!! update ever, but that's just been unseated by this new biggest update ever! In preparation for GDEX (which starts tomorrow!) I've been crunching away at WaveCrash!! and have a lot of stuff going on! Here's the change log:

Feature Additions:

  • A new crasher enters!: Belmont, the Tycoon Inferno! After dangerous experiments with volatile hype left his body an ever-burning pyre of hype radiation, this megalomaniac mogul uses his boundless fortune and influence to scour Crash City for sources of hype to feed his fire.
    • Trait: Corruption - Matching 4 or more blocks of one color turns a random block on the enemy's side of the board into a skull block.
    • Special: Detonation - Turns all skull blocks on the opponent's side of the board into super waves.
  • Added a new stage: "Crash City" - See the bustling metropolis of Crash City, then and now!
  • New Game Mode: Survival! Survival is a solo game mode in which the player must last as long as they can against an unending torrent of waves. Score points by attack and crashing waves to hit the high score for each character!
  • Added a rules menu for versus mode to adjust game time, speed and points to win.
  • Added a random character button to the character select screen.


  • Added game round time limit for limiting duration of games rather than relying on speed level.
    • Reasoning: I wanted to add an options menu that would allow the game duration and starting and maximum speeds to be changed, but the old system linked the two. The game ended based on reaching the max speed, so changing that would alter the duration of games. Splitting the two gives more options for customizing games and makes the length of a round clearer for the player.
  • Hana Changes
    • Reduced block fall speed during hype. Having blocks fall instantly like other characters was too overwhelming so it's now adjusted to fall at default speed (rather than 50% of default) during hype.
    • Reduced attack recovery delay. Slow attack rate was a balancing adjustment made to reduce Hana's power during hype mode. Now that her hype mode has been nerfed, this as been adjusted to account for it.
  • Seth Changes
    • Changed Seth's special attack (Mental Barrier) to a full 2 x 5 block group rather than a 1 x 3 + 1 x 5 group. Seth was not feeling as powerful as I'd like, I think this should help.
  • Added a camera movement when beginning round.
  • Added camera zoom when using special attack and hype mode.
  • Updated game mode select and how to play menu UI.
  • Altered hit feedback effects to include a circular wipe effect and brief time ramping.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some issues with parry frame timing

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