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Still love this game, been loving since 2019!


Hey, thanks! I've been appreciating your good vibes since 2019! 

do we have to add the ! ! in WaveCrash! ! ?

I can't tell you what to do with your punctuations, but the exact title is "WaveCrash!!"

good to know

Is WaveCrash!! still being worked on? I absolutely love this game, but it looks like there's been radio silence for quite a while...

Hello, really enjoyed this game.  It's got wonderful mechanics, characters and overall game feel. Keep up the good work. Here's hoping for a Sequel w/ Rollback

Really like the sprite art in this


Thanks so much! We've been fortunate to have several skilled character and background artists work on the game.

Is online multiplayer ever going to be considered? It'd be fantastic if so!

I'd really like to add online multiplayer, but given my current time constraints to work on WaveCrash!! it's looking like that would have to wait for a sequel/updated release if I can ever secure a publisher.

I played this game as part of our weekly indie game series and enjoyed it! I mean, I'm terrible at it but there's some really nice mechanics involved and the colours are beautiful too! :D

Oh that's awesome! Thanks for sharing this.

I'm having an issue where WaveCrash is just Crash. I can't get into a game. the game just closes. Is this a common issue?

Not that I know of. What platform are you on?

Windows 10, downloaded from 

Oh, I see. I think this is due to a problem with the mouse input. I'm working on an update that should resolve that but in the meantime try using the keyboard or controller to navigate the menus.

Oh it worked! THank you!

Just jumping in to say I'm having this problem too. Controller works but mouse immediately crashes the game. 

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Got this game in the bundle and I really love it! I think if online is implemented it could have a bright future and find a spot in the canon of fighting games and puzzle games. Not to say it might not already find that, but with the covid situation and the lack of online couch games such as this which can be played more casually but also tournament style. I also wanted to say as a mac user with trouble running a lot of games this is a pleasure to be able to play! Thanks much! 


After a bit of grinding and becoming confident in my skills, I find myself wanting to challenge other strangers in Crash City.... apologies if this has been addressed already, but will there be an online multiplayer mode in the future, with "quick match" (stranger vs stranger) and "seeking match" (friend on friend, using an ID code perhaps?)?

Also a small note on art/design: the only thing that mildly bothers me is the shortcut icon on my desktop; the red triangle block on its own looks a little ugly (imo) and I don't feel like it represents the game itself. Is it a random red triangle? Some sort of emergency software? No, it's a super fun game called WaveCrash!! I think having the WaveCrash logo or perhaps Yo smashin a block would both look better and remind people what the game is. Either way, I love this game, and I'm super excited to see its future development!


Thanks for the feedback on the icon! Right are no plans for online due to a lack of resources and time to develop it on my part.

LOVE this!! the character bios are so fun and I love the unique strategy here! i always need a new fast-paced arcade style game in my life...

This game was a great find. My friends and me already enjoyed it a bunch.

I wanted to ask, is there a discord or forum for this game? You know, a place where people can go and discuss important topics, such as "Yo is god-tier please nerf!!1" or "After being hit once, my opponent is just camping the bottom row and I can't do anything!".

Hey there, I'm glad you like it! We do in fact have a discord! It can be found at


I just played this game during the steam summer jam and had an absolute blast.  I picked it up here since it was a part of the BLM bundle.  To the dev: keep up the great work, the gameplay, art, and music are super awesome!

Hey, thank you so much! I'm glad you like it.

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Idk where to send bug reports, but I just got a weird bug fighting Hard AI Ji-Yoon as Belmont. About 7 seconds into the match, she got herself stuck in the top-right corner, and was unable to be hit. She wasn't moving or doing anything, and I wasn't able to hit her normally. I even went as far as killing a lot of time by organizing all the blocks, and she still didn't move. She was unhittable by normal blocks, but activating Belmont's special (skull block popping), she was able to be killed. Not sure what caused this, might be a random rare bug, but hopefully it can be fixed?
EDIT: Just to make the report as accurate as possible: It was Standard Training Room.

Other than that, no issues so far!! Been having an absolute blast!! Played with my friend via parsec and even with the lag from parsec, it's extremely fun to play against your friends. Hopefully it'll have an online mode soon!!


Thanks for the bug report, I'll have to look into that.


Thank you for the great game :) I just tried playing it and hopefully will get to play with my friends soon! 

Thanks for playing! I hope you and your friends enjoy it!


10/10 amazingly fun.

Hey, thanks!

I love this game, but there's a big "glitch?" that happens. The keyboard wont do any inputs, in the menu or during game, but the mouse still works to click the buttons. I'm not sure why this happens, i'm on windows 64bit,


Oh weird. Does this only happen after clicking on a button for the first time? Mouse support hasn't been entirely implemented so that might be the problem

No, it just happened while i was playing the tutorial and tried the mouse thing after. It seems to work fine after turning on windowed mode though.

Oh, I see. I will look into that, then!


I've found a fix for this and should be able to push out a new build soon.

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Checked it from the bundle and it's amazing! It's really the only fighter which I like. 

I found a bug when I tried making custom rules. I made the board the biggest it can be and the game broke, making nonmoving and indestructible copies of waves, sometimes even damaging me. I hope it will be fixed but otherwise I really love this game

Thanks for the heads up!


I've figured out the problem and should be able to push out a new build soon.

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Just checked this game out in the bundle and wow what fun time this is!

cant wait for the steam ver in september!


Hi, saw this on the game bundle and had to immediately bought it separate from it. I remember you guys from Maker Faire and I fell instantly in love with the artwork and game mechanics.

Thanks a lot! It's too bad Maker Faire had to be scrapped this year, but Locally Sourced will definitely be at the next one.


Hello! This is the first game I tried in the bundle, and it's amazing! So much work is done and your love for this project is palpable, I do not worry for your future, this game is more than promising, can't wait to play it with friends :)

Keep up the good work!!!

Thank you so much! Will do!


This was the first game I tried out of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Quality. I thought the art looked great and liked that it was colorful. This is a really fun game that I can't wait to play with friends. Thank you for supporting the fundraiser!


Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it and thanks for donating!


Played this at LTU Con 2019 and had an absolute blast! It was my favorite in the game room, I made sure to take a card and even grabbed a pin of each character! Well, I lost one pin somewhere along the way so I hope you have a shop I can get them off of. I played in the tournament with some friends and came in second place overall, it was a whole new gaming style I had never really seen or played before.  Absolutely phenomenal and I'll have to buy it soon for me and my brother! 

Awesome! I'm glad you liked it! No plans to sell the pins right now, but if that changes I'll let you know!

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hey tried it at maker fair 2019 it was a really fun game, i have a mac and i was wondering if you could make it so me and a friend could play on the same computer aka not have to hook up to the internet and be able to play on the same keyboard

Hey there, I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to make a split keyboard control scheme but it should work with any controller that can connect to your Mac. I know for the Xbox line of controllers, there are some third party drivers that can allow them to work on Mac so if you have any of those, you should be good to go!


Tried this at Youmacon 2019, it was really fun!  Four Player was wild.  Can't wait for a Switch port, I'mma buy it again then.


This is such a good game I believe ive played it at maker fair 2019 but other than that I really think you should port this on Nintendo switch :)



I am a Korean who visited bic pestival. I was really glad you came here,  And  i played really fun with my friends then.  So, on that day there was a Korean version interface, do you support Korean in demo version now? I would like to recommend it to other Korean players. 

Hey there, I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Right now, the Korean version is not publicly available. I'm planning on doing an update soon so I should be able to put the Korean language version up as a separate download then. It isn't completely translated, however, it only includes the parts that were translated for the event demo.


Played this at GDEX last weekend. It was great, can't wait to see where it goes!

Hey I'm glad you liked it! We're looking forward to seeing the future of WaveCrash!! as well!

Is there no windows version when the 5 dollars are paid?

Sorry about that, the most recent build was accidentally hidden, it should be good now.

Yayy! Thank you! Can't wait to play it!

My favorite game at GDEX 2017, really wish there was a Linux port seeing as how this is made in Unity.

Does it work in Wine in Linux?

I'm not sure. WaveCrash!! is developed in Unity and has not been tested on Wine so it should work as well as any other Unity3D game. Can you play other Unity games in Wine?

If you could could you get this ported to linux?

There are no plans for a Linux port right now, but I would not rule it out for the future. I will let you know if we go ahead with it.

Thank you anyways!